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Action Machined Products was founded in September 1967 as Action Screw Machine Products Company.  Edward T. Korndoerfer, alias “Big Ed,” opened for business with two pre-World War II screw machines in Amityville in a 1,500 square foot rented building.

Ed worked alone in those early years except for help from his two youngest sons.  When they were off from school on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and vacations, they worked with Ed.  In those days the work week was seven days for as many hours as it took each day.  Ed's dedication and hard work, along with the many suppliers who were lenient with their credit terms, helped him survive those early years.

In 1971, Ed convinced his son, Tad Korndoerfer to come and work with him.  So Kathy and Tad packed up the car left Rhode Island and came to New York.  In 1974 Action Machined Products started a period of rapid growth and modernization.  Because our customer base was growing, we added additional capability, replaced older machinery and hired a full time staff.  This expansion made it imperative that we expand our floor space and we moved the company to a 3,750 square foot building.

In 1978 we moved into our current location, a fully air-conditioned 8,750 square foot building.  This was also the year that we decided to start moving away from screw machines and into the high-tech world of Computerized Numerical Control (“CNC”) manufacturing.

Today, we no longer own a screw machine and have totally transformed our organization with state-of-the-art CNC equipment.  This transformation has allowed us to attract new markets and tackle more difficult products.

In order to maintain our technically advantageous position, we will continue to promote an environment that encourages change.  We aggressively seek new ways to improve product quality, and we will continue to challenge and broaden the capability of our staff with modern technology.